Different Types OF Hacker.

 In any case, a programmer can be anybody. They can be an individual like you or me. They can work solo or be utilized by an association .

Sorts Of Hackers : 

1. White Hat Hackers: White Hat Hackers are the individuals who work for Security Analyst, or people with hacking abilities utilizing them for Defensive reason. 

2. Dim Hat Hackers: Gray Hat Hackers are the individuals who work for both, Offensive and Defensive reason. 

3. Dark Hat Hackers: Hacker with Malicious and Destructive exercises with uncommon abilities, otherwise called "Saltines". 

4. Self destruction Hackers: Suicide Hackers are the individuals who focus on decimation without agonizing over discipline. 

5. Content Kiddies: Script Kiddies are sorts of programmer who hacks and bargain frameworks utilizing apparatuses which are contents made by genuine programmers. 

6. Digital Terrorists: Skilled people, propelled by strict or political convictions assaulting for huge scope to make dread. 

7. Hacktivists: Hackers advancing political plan, customarily by hurting or handicapping the sites. 

8. State-Sponsored Hackers: State-Sponsored Hackers are utilized by government to enter and to acquire highly confidential data.

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